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A strong research and evidence base is essential to our purposes to promote and build a vibrant, strong volunteering community that is inclusive, respected and sustainable.

A robust evidence base ensures that our advocacy, policy and operational work is all underpinned by current best practice.

Research and service delivery go hand in hand to ensure Volunteering Victoria can continue to effectively support the volunteering sector.


ABS General Social Survey: Summary Results 2019

This ABS report and accompanying data cubes are the main source of detailed statistics on voluntary work in Australia. It includes rates of participation in voluntary work, characteristics of people who volunteer, the reasons people volunteer, information on the nature of the voluntary work undertaken and reimbursement.

ABS General Social Survey 2019

ABS Voluntary Work 2010

This ABS report has mostly been superseded by the 2014 General Social Survey but it contains the most recent data about the number of volunteer hours by age and gender demographic in Australia.

ABS Voluntary Work 2010